Blossoming Beauty: The Neptune King Terrazza Rose

Blossoming Beauty: The Neptune King Terrazza Rose

Introducing the Neptune King Terrazza Rose: 

  • English Name: Neptune King Terrazza
  • Characteristics: Disease-resistant
  • Flower Type: Double, 30-40 petals
  • Flower Color: Pink
  • Fragrance: Mixed light tea scent
  • Blooming Season: Multiple seasons of repeat blooming
  • Flower Diameter: 9-11cm
  • Origin: Netherlands
  • Breeder: De Ruiter

The Neptune King Terrazza Rose is a beautiful rose variety hailing from the Netherlands. With its 30-40 petal double blooms, this rose is not only disease-resistant but also a prolific bloomer. Its delightful pink flowers exude a mixed light tea scent, adding charm to your garden or balcony.

This rose is known for its hardiness, thriving in various conditions. While its cold resistance is yet to be determined, it's suitable for a range of climates. Whether you're in a hot or sunny region, this rose will endure and keep on flowering.

One of the standout features of the Neptune King Terrazza Rose is its extended blooming season. Each single flower lasts around 7 days, but this rose has an exceptional ability to rebloom quickly. It's a four-season bloomer, ensuring a continuous display of beauty in your outdoor space. With regular pruning and proper care, you can enjoy its blooms for about a month with each flowering cycle.

So, if you're looking for a stunning and easy-to-care-for rose variety, the Neptune King Terrazza is an excellent choice. Its adaptability and fragrance make it a perfect addition to your garden or balcony. Don't miss out on this exceptional rose variety!

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