Caldwell Pink with the special characters that make you a big surprised!

Caldwell Pink with the special characters that make you a big surprised!

Introducing Caldwell Pink: Bermuda's Pink Pet

Welcome to our website, where we proudly present the exquisite rose variety known as Caldwell Pink, also recognized by the captivating commercial name "Bermuda's Pink Pet." With an average rating of EXCELLENT, this rose is truly a remarkable addition to any garden or landscape.

Caldwell Pink, a member of the Polyantha series under Earth Kind™, boasts an enchanting lilac pink hue. While it may not possess a fragrance, its large, double blooms with 17-25 petals and cluster-flowered bloom form create a breathtaking display. This rose blooms in flushes throughout the season, ensuring a continuous burst of vibrant colors.

Standing compact and upright, this rose reaches a height of 3' to 6' (90 to 185cm) and spreads from 3' to 12' (90 to 365cm) in width. Its glossy medium green foliage adds an attractive touch, exhibiting captivating fall colors. Caldwell Pink thrives in USDA hardiness zones 5b through 10b and is versatile enough to be grown in containers or incorporated into gardens and landscapes.

This Polyantha rose is highly resilient, demonstrating exceptional resistance to diseases. It is also hardy, heat tolerant, and shade tolerant, making it suitable for various environments. Whether you choose to refer to it as Caldwell Pink or its alternate name, "Pink Pet In Commerce As," this rose is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Originally discovered in Texas, Caldwell Pink continues to captivate garden enthusiasts with its ability to withstand extreme heat without compromising the beauty of its blooms. Furthermore, this rose does not set hips, ensuring that its energy is channeled into producing an abundance of stunning flowers.

Experience the enduring allure of Pink Pet/Caldwell's Pink. Even under scorching temperatures, these flowers remain resplendent, showcasing their everlasting charm.

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