Cielo (Ciero-cicero) Rose: A Japanese Elegance for Your Garden

Cielo (Ciero-cicero) Rose: A Japanese Elegance for Your Garden

Introducing the enchanting Cielo (Ciero-cicero) rose: Are you ready to elevate your garden with a touch of Japanese elegance? Look no further than the Cielo rose, a delightful climber bred by the renowned Japanese breeder Hiroshi Ogawa.

This shrub rose showcases its beauty with cream petals and a blush center, creating a mesmerizing contrast. Each bloom is medium-sized, boasting 26-40 delicate petals, and they cluster together in a globe-like form. What's truly remarkable about Ciero is its ability to bloom in flushes throughout the season, ensuring your garden is always adorned with its sweet fragrance.

Standing at a graceful height of up to 4 feet and 7 inches (140cm), Ciero can also be trained to climb, adding a vertical dimension to your garden.

But it's not just about its looks; this rose is a symbol of resilience. It thrives with robust growth, excellent disease resistance, and a stroke of luck when it comes to abundant blossoms.

SG Rose Corner has obtained some Ciero roses in 1-gallon-sized pots and will nurture them to ensure they are healthy and ready to find a new home in your garden in the next few months. Pre-order today to bring the heavenly white blooms of Ciero to your own slice of paradise at a great price of $200.00, including the delivery fee.

Don't just take our word for it; you can also explore real-life photos of Ciero roses thriving in gardens just like yours. Make Cielo a part of your garden's story today. 🌹

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