Exquisite 'Eugenie' English Rose

Exquisite 'Eugenie' English Rose

🌹 Meet Eugenie: Your Timeless Rose 🌹

Eugenie is like a delightful dance of blush peach and apricot, fading into creamy outer petals. Watch as she transforms into a flamboyant rosette, gracefully taking center stage. And that's not all – her medium myrrh and aniseed scent will truly captivate you.

Imagine the elegance of 1950s Hollywood glamour. Eugenie embodies it perfectly. With her playful charm and undeniable style, she's the Audrey Hepburn of roses. A dreamy rose that's soft, romantic, and utterly enchanting.

Each bloom is a masterpiece, a warm white dream that unfurls into soft peach and apricot hues. Eugenie stands as a symbol of elegance, whether standing alone or paired with stocks, delphiniums, and other treasures, creating a bouquet that's both pretty and lavish.

Eugenie: Where beauty, grace, and romance unite. 🌸✨

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