How to grow air-layering rooted roses plant

How to grow air-layering rooted roses plant

Some useful tips on how to take care of an air-layering rooted roses plant in Singapore

Step 1: (optional) 

This step is optional and applicable if the root is small. Else, please proceed to step 2.

Unwrap the plastic cover gently and put it in a small sand pot for 3-4 days. Put the pot under the shade of sunlight (avoid direct sunlight). Water it when the sand is a bit dry e.g. twice a day if the weather is very hot, once a day for normal days, or every 2 days for rainy & cloudy days and avoid overwatering (**).

(Juliet Day 1, air-layering rooted rose)

(Juliet Day 1)

Step 2:

Get a clean pot and fill in below layers of materials

  • Bottom layer: big charcoal or big of burnt earth soil
  • Top layer:  mix potting soil for repot rose with below formula
    • 60% potting soil ( e.g. Plantaflor Soil )
    • 40% burnt earth/soil
    • Half of teaspoon of neem powder or diatomaceous earth if you have

Make a small hole and put air layer rooting rose inside then cover another layer of mixed potting soil (please do not remove anything of the bottom of air layer rooting rose). Tie the main trunk to a stick to keep it from falling down and put in some water to moisturise the soil.

(Juliet Day 12)

Put the pot under shade of sunlight (avoid hot sunlight) and water it when the top layer is a bit dry to keep the soil moist (refer to ** above) with nutrient-enriched water e.g. 2 liters of water with 2 drops of Abs5 or N3M. Please avoid overwatering as the root system is still developing and doesn't need a lot of water, and also avoid underwatering as the plant is still sensitive.

You can go to step 3 as soon as there are many shoots and leaves like above photo. Depending on types of roses, some may take only 10 days, while others may take 15-25 days

Step 3:

Bring the pot to direct sunlight for 2 months and water it with above-mentioned nutrient-enriched water whenever the top layer is a bit dry.

Once the rose has fully grown up with many leaves, the rose plant will start to have its first new buds and enjoy blossoming roses ( if you want) . But I suggest that you should cut all buds at this time and wait for the next few weeks to enjoy a nicer form and more beautiful flower.

(Another air-layering rose after 5-6 weeks)

After growing for 3 months, when the root systems of the rose plant is grown well, you can start to fertilize your rose plant by using : soya humic / banana humic to mix with water or NPK 15:15:15 mix with water or fish emulsion. In particular, you should water the plant with a bit of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide 3% once a week or 10-15 days/ 1 time - 2 liters + 2 teaspoon when you grow rose plants in an organic way.

There are various varieties of bacteria in the soil, so you should monitor the rose plant when it is too young.Die back on small stems that may occur at the cutting point. Just cut it a bit then apply: a garlic to massage on the cutting point / hydrogen peroxide 3% or Bio Oligo even wound gel. And let it dry. To help the plant increase the high disease resistance you also can use Nano silver spray.

(Blossoms from grown-up air-layering rose )

Please also visit our SG Rose Corner community to learn more tips & tricks and how others have successfully grow them.

Hopefully you will really enjoy the journey of growing rose from air layering. It is not hard or difficult, it just needs your love! 

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