Regal Beauty: Crown Princess Margareta - An Excellent Apricot Blend Rose

Regal Beauty: Crown Princess Margareta - An Excellent Apricot Blend Rose

Introducing Crown Princess Margareta, an exceptional rose with an average rating of EXCELLENT-. This apricot or apricot blend shrub rose was bred by the renowned David C. H. Austin (1926-2018) in the United Kingdom in 1990. The breeding process took place at David Austin Roses in Albrighton, resulting from a cross between two English rose varieties, an unnamed seeding and Abrham Darby.

Crown Princess Margareta boasts a stunning apricot-orange coloration, reminiscent of old-fashioned roses. Its alluring fragrance and remarkable disease resistance make it a standout choice. As a very strong climbing rose, this variety displays vigorous growth, often reaching heights of 2 meters or more. When mature, the tree produces abundant clusters of flowers, providing a captivating display.

With its medium to large, very full blooms, featuring a cupped-to-flat, old-fashioned rosette form, Crown Princess Margareta offers a sight to behold. The blossoms, consisting of up to 120 petals, have an average diameter of 3.25 inches. The fragrance is strong, fruity, and reminiscent of tea roses. The plant blooms in flushes throughout the season, and its medium, pointed buds add to the overall charm.

This rose showcases tall, arching, and bushy growth, making it suitable for climbing or as a shrub. The medium foliage is composed of 5 to 7 leaflets. In terms of size, Crown Princess Margareta can reach a height ranging from 47 inches to an impressive 11 feet 10 inches (120 to 360 cm), with a width of 4 feet (120 cm). It thrives in USDA hardiness zones 6b through 9b and can be utilized for cut flower arrangements, gardens, pillars, or as a shrub.

To encourage re-blooming, it is recommended to remove spent blooms. Spring pruning should involve the removal of old canes, dead or diseased wood, and the cutting back of canes that overlap. In warmer climates, the remaining canes can be trimmed by approximately one-third, while colder areas may require slightly more pruning.

The unique apricot-orange blend of Crown Princess Margareta sets it apart from other Austin English Roses. Its vigorous growth allows it to be cultivated as both a shrub and a short climber. With its 4-5 inch blooms consisting of over 100 petals, this rose is a testament to its exceptional health and abundance of gorgeous blossoms. The initial golden amber color deepens over time, and the fragrance is simply delightful. It is a fast-growing rose that thrives throughout the summer, continuously adorned with beautiful, large blooms. Not to mention, the lovely fragrance further adds to its allure.

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