The magnificent Chaim Soutine Rose

The magnificent Chaim Soutine Rose

Introducing the magnificent Chaim Soutine rose—a resilient hybrid tea variety that fearlessly embraces the elements. This rose is a true testament to hardiness, thriving in the face of scorching heat, biting cold, and even torrential rain. While its blooms may not be the largest, they possess an enchanting quality as they gradually unfurl, maintaining their shape and steadfastly concealing their center. Complementing the flowers is a lush foliage, vibrant and abundant, boasting a rich shade of dark green.

When it comes to disease resistance, the Chaim Soutine rose stands unrivaled, boasting almost impeccable health. Its flowering performance is nothing short of remarkable, with blooms appearing almost continuously throughout the season. Picture a meticulously designed arrangement of blossoms, adorning the bush in cascading tiers from the bottom to the very top. Each bloom unfolds leisurely, as if captured in a freeze-frame, exhibiting remarkable longevity without withering away.

Thriving on proper nourishment, this rose responds eagerly to top dressing, transforming into a robust and expansive shrub. Its growth potential is astonishing, culminating in a formidable presence that commands attention. As the weather shifts, so does the mesmerizing color of its flowers. From deep, captivating red tones to lighter hues and back again, the Chaim Soutine rose embodies an ever-changing spectacle.

Embodying grace and elegance, this rose finds its rightful place as the finishing touch in any landscape, particularly as a striking addition to wall plantings. Named in honor of Chaim Soutine, a French artist of Jewish origin, this rose pays homage to the artist's captivating works. Its pink blend petals exude a captivating allure, invoking a sense of artistry and beauty.

Bred by Guy Delbard and André in France in 1998, the Chaim Soutine rose belongs to the esteemed lineage of Hybrid Tea roses. Its blooms showcase delicate pink shades with charming stripes, while emitting a subtle fragrance. With an average diameter of 4 inches and 30 to 38 petals, each bloom assumes a cupped form in small, clustered arrangements. The ovoid buds, large and enticing, provide a glimpse into the promise of magnificent blossoms.

Standing tall and bushy, the Chaim Soutine rose presents an upright growth habit, its medium-sized foliage exhibiting a semi-glossy, light green hue. With its adaptability to USDA zones 6b through 9b, this rose opens its beauty to a wide range of climates. It traces its lineage back to an unnamed seedling crossed with the splendid Harmonie™ rose, a hybrid tea variety introduced by Kriloff before 2001.

Ludwigs Roses, renowned connoisseurs of botanical beauty, acclaim the Chaim Soutine rose as superior to the beloved 'Candy Stripe.' With its unparalleled attributes and breathtaking presence, this rose holds the power to captivate and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on any garden or landscape it graces.

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