Unlocking the Secrets to a Beautiful Rose Garden 🍀🌹

Unlocking the Secrets to a Beautiful Rose Garden 🍀🌹

Rosa Fungi - The Magical Nutrient for Your Rose Garden 🌺

Today, we delve into the remarkable world of microorganism tablets that promise to enhance your rose garden. Here's a comprehensive guide to understand the extraordinary benefits of these compressed wonders:

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Types of Tablets 🍭

At SG Rose Corner, we offer two variants of microorganism tablets:

Rosa Fungi 235 Microorganisms (Wholesale Price: SGD 0.50 per tablet): Widely used for all types of crops.

Rosa Fungi Plus 650 Microorganisms (Price: SGD 1.00 per tablet): Specialized for rose bushes and fruit-bearing plants, featuring a denser tablet structure.

 The Miraculous Functions of Microorganism Tablets 🏆🏆

Enhanced Root System: Our ROSA FUNGI promotes robust root development by establishing a symbiotic relationship with root fungi, enhancing nutrient absorption for better root growth.

Balanced Growth: Symbiotic root fungi contribute to vigorous plant growth, sprouting, branching, and blooming.

Plant Protection: Strengthen beneficial microorganisms, bolstering your plants' disease resistance. Mycorrhizal fungi increase root mass by over 1000 times, Trichoderma fungi combat harmful pathogens, and Bacillus bacteria enhance plant immunity.

Stimulated Plant Growth: Rosa Fungi microorganism tablets stimulate robust root growth, improving water and nutrient absorption for healthier plants.

Soil Structure Improvement: Fungal fibers create humic compounds and organic adhesives that bind soil particles together, enhancing soil porosity.

Stress Resilience: Rosa Fungi microorganism tablets help plants cope with stressors like drought or post-pruning. They prove invaluable during the early rainy season and nutrient loss phases.

How to Use Rosa Fungi:

  • For pots with a diameter of 30-35 cm, use 2 tablets.
  • For pots with a diameter of 40-45 cm, use 3 or 4 tablets. Note: Plant the tablets 10-15 cm away from the roots and fertilize once a month.

The results are astounding – roses flourishing with an abundance of blossoms, boasting larger sizes and richer colors compared to those not treated with Rosa Fungi.

Don't miss the chance to transform your rose garden. Contact SG Rose Corner now and unlock the secrets of Microorganism Rosa Fungi. 🌺🍀🌹

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