Which fertiliser is good for roses?

Which fertiliser is good for roses?

🤔 Which fertiliser is good for roses : organic matters or formula fertiliser NPK? Why?

This is my answer for a question from some rose lovers asked me before: why my roses could not grow healthier with big leaves, big size form shape of flower than the time I just bought them from nursery.
And another question that I received : why your roses are sold more expensive than others.

Just because I feed roses with organic fertiliser 80%, 20%: trace elements from formula fertiliser that organic matter could not supply enough for roses to grow healthy. Even the potting soil that I used to grow roses are premium ingredients.

Here are my opinions to share:

Both organic matter and chemical NPK fertilisers can be effective for roses, but organic matter may be a better choice in certain situations.

Organic matter fertilisers are made from natural materials such as compost, manure, and other plant-based materials. These fertilisers provide a slow, steady release of nutrients over time, which can be beneficial for roses. They also help to improve the structure and health of the soil, which can be important for the overall health of the plants.

Chemical NPK fertilisers, on the other hand, are made from synthetic materials and typically provide a quick release of nutrients. While this can be beneficial for plants that need a quick boost of nutrients, it can also be harmful if not applied correctly. Chemical fertilisers can also cause soil imbalances and can be harmful to the environment if not used carefully.

In general, organic matter fertilisers may be a better choice for roses in the rainy season in Singapore, as they are less likely to wash away in the rain and can provide a more consistent release of nutrients. They can also help to improve the health of the soil and the plants, which can be beneficial for overall plant health.

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