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Sumitomo Chemical Gardening Benica X Fine Spray for Pests and Diseases of Roses

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Introducing Benica X MyRoses Fine Spray, a premium insecticidal fungicide crafted by Sumitomo Chemical Horticulture in Japan, renowned for its expertise in horticultural solutions. With its powerful formulation and cutting-edge technology, this product is a must-have for plant enthusiasts seeking optimal care for their flowers, greenery, and garden trees.

About this item: Experience the excellence of Benica X MyRoses Fine Spray, available in a convenient 33.4 fl oz (950 ml) bottle. Each package contains 1 bottle of this potent insecticide, designed to cater to the diverse needs of your beloved plants.

Key Features:

  • Active Ingredients: Formulated with a combination of Crotianidine, Fenpropatrine, and Mepanipilim, Benica X MyRoses Fine Spray provides a robust defense against a broad spectrum of pests and diseases.

  • Chemical Registration: Approved and registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries with Registration No. 22506, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.

  • Type: A white hydrated suspension liquid that effectively clings to plant surfaces for prolonged protection.

  • Agent Model: Designed as a spray agent for easy and efficient application, making it a user-friendly solution for both novice and experienced gardeners.

General Information: Benica X MyRoses Fine Spray is a versatile insecticide suitable for a wide range of plants, including flowers, greenery, roses, banshee, primula, garden trees, azaleas, hiragii, salslide, hanamimizu, masaki, tomato, eggplant, and cucumber.

Performance Highlights:

  • Fast-Acting and Sustainable: Provides rapid results against persistent pests such as aphids, whiteflies, leafminers, spider mites, sawfly, common cutworm, tsutsuji gunbai, arna pseudoconspersa, scale insects, flea beetle, and scarab beetle. Offers sustained protection for approximately one month against aphids.

  • Disease Prevention: Acts as an insecticidal fungicide, preventing the onset of pathogenic germs and controlling various diseases, ensuring the longevity and vitality of your plants.

Application: Effortlessly protect your plants by applying Benica X MyRoses Fine Spray as a spray agent. Suitable for flowers, flowers, trees, and a variety of plants, this product is an essential tool in maintaining the health and beauty of your garden.

Invest in the expertise of Sumitomo Chemical Horticulture and elevate your plant care routine with Benica X MyRoses Fine Spray — a harmonious blend of Japanese innovation and horticultural excellence. Ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your plants by choosing the best in the field.

Read the label carefully. Do not use for any purpose other than what is stated. Keep out of reach of children.
It inhibits the synthesis of cell membrane components of pathogenic bacteria and is highly effective against scab and powdery mildew of roses. It not only has a preventive effect by preventing the invasion of pathogens due to its osmotic transfer effect, but also has a therapeutic effect by exterminating the invading pathogens. There is also less dirt on the leaves after spraying.
●Rotation spraying with fungicides of different types (activities) is effective in avoiding the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria.
●Other disinfectant sprays that can be used in parallel include Benica x Fine Spray, Benica Spray, Benica Green V Spray, and Mospiran Top Gin M Spray.Aerosols include Benica x Fine Aerosol, GF Ortholan C, and Benica DX. there is.
[Applicable diseases and usage methods]
The * mark indicates the limit on the total number of uses of this agent and the pesticide containing its active ingredient.
crop name
Applicable disease name
dilution multiple
period of use
Total number of uses
powdery mildew scoliosis
Undiluted solution
``Flowers and ornamental plants (excluding roses)
powdery mildew
Switch the nozzle according to the usage situation
■ Or fog "Use by aligning the straight or fog with the top and pulling the trigger straight.
[How to use]
Cannot stop spraying. Align this mark with the top after use.
Aimed spraying with a jet that shoots directly into the distance
Fog Spray nearby Spread evenly with wide mist
Can be sprayed upside down
▲Caution ● In the case of direct injection, the chemical solution will reach far, so be careful not to get it on people, pets, ponds, houses, cars, walls, laundry, toys, etc. ● To avoid damage or leakage, Do not drop or roll over. Do not place it on its side. Also, do not pull the trigger at "Stop". ●Point the spout toward people.
●Do not add other liquids. ●If there is little remaining liquid, it may be difficult to dispense depending on the spray angle.
▲Precautions for effects, drug damage, etc. Before use, be sure to
Be careful not to make a mistake. ●Be careful of repeated spraying or excessive spraying (phytotoxicity). ●When using this agent for the first time on crops belonging to the applicable crop group or on new varieties thereof, it is the user's responsibility to thoroughly check for chemical damage before use. In addition, illness
It is advisable to consult with a pest control center or retailer.
▲Precautions for safe use ●Do not spray if you are not feeling well. ●Do not spray at people. ●People who are prone to rashes
Handle with care. ●Consider the wind direction and be careful not to spray the liquid on surrounding houses, cars, walls, laundry, pets, toys, etc. ●When spraying on streets, parks, etc., take precautions such as rope fences and signs to prevent children and anyone unrelated to the spraying from entering the spraying area during and after spraying (at least on the day of spraying). Be careful not to cause harm to people, livestock, etc. ●Wash empty containers at least three times after use before disposing of them.
Storage: Separate from food, drinks, tableware, and pet food, keep away from direct sunlight, tightly closed, and store upright instead of lying down in a cool place out of reach of children.
0.0080% Ingredients: Myclobutanil [2-p-chlorophenyl-2-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)hexanenitrile]...Water, surfactant, etc.... …
Manufacturer: Sumitomo Chemical Gardening Co., Ltd.
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
(My Rose is a registered trademark of Sumitomo Chemical Gardening (Co., Ltd.)
Last effective date (last two digits of the Western calendar)・
The serial number is written on the bottom.Please use it within the stated period.
Plastic bottles, trigger labels, exterior films
Home use DH2
1-8 Koamicho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(Product inquiries) 03-3663-1128 Manufacturing site: Sumika Agro Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Koriyama Factory
3-1 Sakurauchi, Takakura, Hiwada-cho, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture
Toyo Aerosol Industries Co., Ltd. Mie Factory 7-6-6 Yumegaoka, Iga City, Mie Prefecture


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