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Buviplant Tabletta- Vitamin Rose Tablet

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Six good reasons for using Buviplant-A:
1. It starts providing nutrients even at a low temperature.
2. It results in strong and rapid root development and uniform growth.
3. Provides optimal nutrient supply during the growing season.
4. Due to its high magnesium content, it protects conifers against browning.
5. Environmentally friendly: does not wash out of the soil.
6. Chloride-free product. The applied dose can be increased, there is no harmful salt concentration effect.
Usage:  Rose produces new shoots and a lot flowering buds at the same time.
It can last for 3 times re- bloom on the rose. It also means that when you feed your roses by Vitamin Rose tablet can be used for 3 - 4.5 months, it depends on the size of the roses.

A 12 g tablet contains 1.2 g of excipients.

Tablets should be placed in the planting pit in the direction of the development of the root system, in order to stimulate uniform root development. It is advisable to cover the tablets with 2-3 cm of mulch before planting the seedling. The tablet can also be used to improve the condition of weak roots. In this case, the tablets should be placed at an equal distance from each other, in the intensive absorption zone of the root.

The active ingredients in the tablet are long-lasting and environmentally friendly

(N): 20%

(P₂O₁): 10%

(K₂O): 15%

(MgO): 4%

(Fe): 0,35%

(Mn): 0,20 %

(Cu) : 0,04%

(Zn) : 0,10%

(B) : 0,05%

Small Rose: 1 tablet
Medium Rose: 3 tablets
Large Rose: 5 Tablets
Like my Clair Martin: the 3rd blossom is less clusters than the 1st blossom and there were also less flowers on each cluster. But it still produced more clusters on the rose than the time I hadn’t feed it with Rose Vitamin Tablet.
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