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Chaim Soutine

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Introducing the Chaim Soutine rose—a resilient hybrid tea variety that fearlessly embraces any weather conditions. Its slowly opening, stable blooms, adorned with pink stripes, captivate the eye while concealing the center. With healthy, dark green foliage, this almost disease-free rose blooms continuously, forming stepped tiers of long-lasting, freeze-on-the-stem flowers. It responds remarkably well to top dressing, growing into a powerful bush with changing red shades. Named after the French artist, Chaim Soutine, this rose is perfect for wall plantings, adding an artistic touch to any landscape.

Bred by Guy Delbard and André in 1998, the Chaim Soutine rose is a pink blend Hybrid Tea with an average diameter of 4 inches and 30 to 38 petals. Its cupped blooms, in small clusters, showcase large, ovoid buds. With bushy, upright growth and dense, semi-glossy, light green foliage, it thrives in USDA zones 6b through 9b. This exceptional rose is an offspring of an unnamed seedling crossed with Harmonie™, exhibiting Ludwigs Roses' acclaim as even better than 'Candy Stripe.'

Discover the Chaim Soutine rose—an enduring beauty that defies the elements and delights the senses. Its captivating blooms, striking foliage, and changing shades make it a true masterpiece in any garden.

What's in the package:

  • 1 x Mature Rose Plant (1-2 years old) that blooms repeatedly 
  • 1-month Warranty: Get a free replacement if the plant doesn't blossom 
  • Easy Planting: Includes potting mixture with fertilizer for a successful start lasting 1-2 months 
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  • Type

    Hybrid Tea

  • Fragrance

    Mild Fragrance

  • Blooms Size

    Large 5-7cm

  • Color


  • Growing Condition

    Partial Sunlight and Full Sunlight

  • Origin


  • Suitable For Singapore Climate

    Medium to grow

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