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Chou Chou

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Chou Chou is a beautiful rose that was bred by Junko Kawamoto in 2008. It is a Floribunda rose with pink and apricot shading and ages to cream. It has a mild, myrrh fragrance and medium, very double bloom form. It blooms in flushes throughout the season, and can grow up to 4 feet tall.


The Chou Chou rose is a beautiful and elegant flower that has many positive qualities. It has golden brown tones with a bit of apricot color, and a little smokey color like an illusion. The edge of the wings curls in waves, and the open form shows off the beautiful purity from the shape to the color. It is also very easy to take care of flowers, and it grows very fast. Additionally, it is disease resistant. The Chou Chou rose has a sweet aroma of tropical fruit, and mature plants repeat flowers continuously.


There is something about the Chou Chou rose that is just so beautiful. From the shape of the flower to the color, it shows off the beautiful purity of the rose. The elegance and serenity of the Chou Chou rose is undeniable and it has a nobility about it that is soothing and sincere. The pure beauty of the Chou Chou rose is something that is truly breathtaking.

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