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Marilyn Monroe /Colour Shell

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Color Shell is another name of The Marilyn Monroe rose

The Marilyn Monroe rose is an apricot or apricot blend Hybrid Tea variety developed by Tom Carruth in the United States in 2001. It is known for its beautiful, full apricot or apricot blend blooms with a mild, citrus, tea fragrance. The flowers have 23 to 30 petals and an average diameter of 4.25", and have a large, globular, high-centered to cupped form. They are cluster-flowered and have pointed, ovoid buds, and they produce prolific, continuous (perpetual) blooms throughout the season.

The Marilyn Monroe rose is a spreading, upright plant with medium thorns or prickles and medium, semi-glossy, dark green foliage. It grows to a height of 4¼' to 6'7" (130 to 200cm) and a width of 35" to 43" (90 to 110cm). It is suitable for growing in USDA zone 6b and warmer and is known for its disease resistance and heat tolerance. It is suitable for use as a cut flower or in the garden, and is a vigorous plant. It should be pruned in the spring by removing old canes, dead or diseased wood, and canes that cross. In warmer climates, cut back the remaining canes by about one-third, while in colder areas you may need to prune a little more.

The Marilyn Monroe rose is the result of a cross between the varieties 'Sunset Celebration' and 'St. Patrick'. It is protected by patents in Australia and the United States. If you are looking for a beautiful and vibrant apricot or apricot blend rose for your garden, the Marilyn Monroe rose is worth considering. Its continuous blooms and mild fragrance make it a great choice for any garden.

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