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Eternal Rose: Timeless Beauty from a Japanese Garden

Originating from the esteemed gardens of Hitoshi (Tosh) Nakashima in Japan, the ‘Eternal’ is a captivating floribunda rose that offers a mesmerizing visual and olfactory experience. This variety was meticulously bred before 2015 and has since become a beloved choice for rose enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

Distinctive Traits:

• Bloom Characteristics: Each flower of ‘Eternal’ showcases a double petal structure with 17-25 ruffled petals, forming a cupped bloom. The petals are noted for their wavy edges, adding a unique texture.
• Color and Fragrance: The blooms exude a strong, spicy scent reminiscent of apricot, peach, and honey, enhancing the garden’s sensory appeal. The flower color is a soothing lavender, similar in tone to a dragonfly but with a deeper intensity.
• Flowering Period: ‘Eternal’ impresses with its ability to bloom in flushes throughout multiple seasons, ensuring a long-lasting display of its beauty.
• Size: The plant reaches a height of about 80 cm, making it a prominent addition to any garden space. Each flower spans 8-10 cm in diameter.

Growth and Care:

• Hardiness: Rated highly for its diligence and disease resistance, ‘Eternal’ achieves a balance of beauty and resilience.
• Suitability: Ideal for those with ample garden space, this variety can serve as a superb alternative to the ‘dragonfly’ season roses due to its larger size and more potent fragrance.

Cultural Significance:

• Name and Heritage: In Japan, where it is also known as “エターナル,” this rose is a product of the Nakajima Rose Company. It should not be confused with the ‘Forever’ series from Denmark, offering a unique identity and heritage.


• Fragrance: ★★★★☆
• Vigor: ★★★★☆
• Disease Resistance: ★★★☆☆

Enhance your garden with the timeless elegance of the ‘Eternal’ rose, a testament to Japanese horticultural excellence and a continuous source of natural beauty.

What's in the package:

  • 1 x Mature Rose Plant (1-2 years old): This beautiful rose plant is already mature, ensuring it blooms repeatedly for your enjoyment.
  • 1-Month Warranty: We offer you peace of mind with a 1-month warranty. If your plant doesn't blossom as expected, we'll provide a free replacement.
  • Easy Planting: Our package includes a specially formulated potting mixture enriched with fertiliser. This ensures a successful start for your rose plant, promoting healthy growth and blossoms lasting 1-2 months.
  • Stress-Free Purchase: Your satisfaction is our priority. You can complete your payment through PayNow only after receiving the item and confirming your satisfaction. We believe in providing a worry-free shopping experience.


Privilege at SG Rose Corner:

When you acquire a rose plant from SG Rose Corner, you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and support that will enhance your gardening experience. We understand that your journey with this exquisite rose variety is important, and we're here to ensure your success.

Planting and Care Instructions for Life:

Upon purchase, you'll receive comprehensive instructions on how to plant and care for your rose. These instructions are designed to guide you through every stage of your rose's life, from planting to ongoing maintenance. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our clear and detailed guidelines will be your trusted companion throughout your rose's life.

1-Month Warranty:

We stand behind the quality of our roses. Your rose is warranted for one month from the date it arrives at its new home. This warranty provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your rose will be in optimal health and condition when it arrives, and any unexpected issues during the first month will be addressed with care and urgency.

Dedicated Support:

At SG Rose Corner, we take your gardening success to heart. We're not just here to sell you a rose; we're here to support you through your rose-growing journey. Our team is dedicated to closely monitoring your rose's health and development. We're enthusiastic about assisting you with any problems or questions that may arise during the planting process. Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll provide the guidance and advice you need to ensure your rose flourishes in its new home.

With a rose from SG Rose Corner, you're not just getting a beautiful rose plant; you're gaining a partnership in your gardening endeavour. We're committed to your satisfaction and the success of your roses, ensuring that your rose-growing experience is filled with joy and fulfilment. Welcome to the world of roses, where beauty and support come together to make your garden truly extraordinary.


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