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Potted Rose Plant

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🌹 'Eugenie' Florists Rose: A Tribute to Elegance 🌹 Bred by David C. H. Austin, 'Eugenie' is a living masterpiece of floral artistry, introduced by David Austin Roses Limited in 2019.

✨ Cream petals with apricot hues

✨ Up to 90 petals per bloom

✨ Average 5" diameter, very large and full rosette

✨ Moderate fragrance, captivating the senses

✨ Blooms in flushes, a season-long spectacle

🍃 Large, semi-glossy grey-green foliage with 3 to 7 leaflets

🌱 Stands up to 39" tall, spreads 20" to 2'

🎉 A celebration of beauty and legacy, 'Eugenie' is your garden's crowning jewel.


  • Type


  • Fragrance

    Strong Fragrance

  • Blooms Size

    Extra Large >7cm

  • Color


  • Growing Condition

    Full Sunlight

  • Origin

    United Kingdom

  • Suitable For Singapore Climate

    Medium to grow

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