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Geoff Hamilton

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When I think of roses, the first thing that comes to mind is their captivating fragrance. The Geoff Hamilton rose has a strong, old-fashioned fragrance that is sure to please anyone who gets a whiff of it. This rose also has a beautiful pink color and an impressive 41 to 108 petals. What I love about this rose is that it is very disease resistant and can be used for both a cut flower and in the garden.

The Geoff Hamilton rose was bred by David C. H. Austin and introduced in the United Kingdom in 1997. This rose is part of the English Rose Collection and is named after the late television gardener, Geoff Hamilton. Hamilton was known for his passion for organic gardening and his commitment to educating others about the importance of organic gardening practices.

This rose is a shrub that typically grows to be 4 to 5 feet tall and up to 4 feet wide. It is a medium to large, full bloom (26-40 petals), cluster-flowered rose that blooms in flushes throughout the season. Geoff Hamilton rose is a beautiful rose with many great features. It has a tall shrub that can train climbing, lovely vermilion color, and when opening the outer layer of wings turns ivory white. It also has a sweet aroma, and the texture of the flower is very delicate. Geoff Hamilton rose is also durable and resistant to heat, and mature plants produce many flowers. The growth and development of Geoff Hamilton rose is extremely good, and the disease is also extremely good. It is very suitable for planting to make climbing arches, and the growth rate is faster than Spirit of Freedom.

The Geoff Hamilton rose that is perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful and fragrant rose for their garden.

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