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Moody Blue

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"Moody Blue: A Rare and Sentimental Gift for Father's Day"

Celebrate Father's Day with the extraordinary Moody Blue rose, also known as "My Lovely Dad"! Bred by Gareth Fryer, this rare Hybrid Tea rose captivates with its purple to lilac blooms and delightful fragrance. It's a perfect gift that symbolizes the love and admiration for your dad. Limited in quantity, Moody Blue is a precious and exclusive choice that will touch his heart and create a lasting impression.

With its captivating beauty and sentimental name, Moody Blue is a remarkable way to honor your dad's love and support. Its rarity adds an extra touch of uniqueness, making it an exceptional gift that holds deep meaning. Show your appreciation and celebrate the extraordinary bond you share by gifting your dad the extraordinary Moody Blue rose this Father's Day.

What's in the package:

  • 1 x Mature Rose Plant (2 years old) that blooms repeatedly 
  • 1-month Warranty: Get a free replacement if the plant doesn't blossom 
  • Easy Planting: Includes potting mixture with fertilizer for a successful start lasting 1-2 months 
  • Stress-Free Purchase: Payment through PayNow only after receiving and being satisfied with the item
  • Type


  • Fragrance

    Strong Fragrance

  • Blooms Size

    Large 5-7cm

  • Color


  • Growing Condition

    Full Sunlight

  • Origin

    United Kingdom

  • Suitable For Singapore Climate

    Easy to grow

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