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David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi

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According to research, root rot is caused by several different fungi, including Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, and Fusarium. These fungi thrive in wet conditions, and their growth is often accelerated by excessive rainfall or irrigation. Once the fungi establish themselves in the soil, they can attack the roots of plants, causing them to rot. In severe cases, the entire plant may die.

Root rot is a serious problem for gardeners, especially those who grow roses. Roses are particularly susceptible to root rot, and the disease can quickly spread through other roses , decimating the plants. To prevent root rot, gardeners should take care to avoid overwatering their roses, and they should make sure the soil drains well. Besides that gardeners can use David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi, which is a great product to use when planting roses, as it can help to prevent the development of root rot. This fungus forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants, and it helps to improve the absorption of water and nutrients. It also helps to protect the roots from disease-causing organisms.

David Austin Mycorrhizal Fungi helps to create better root systems, resulting in greater vigour, higher resistance helps to create better root systems and more abundant flowering. The broad mix of fungi stimulates root growth, creating a secondary root system which encourages the uptake of nutrients from the soil. A single 90g pouch will treat up to three roses. The pouch is resealable, keeping the fungi fresh for another use.

Size: 90g - Treats 3 roses

Helps to create better root systems
Resealable pouch

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