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Rosa Fungi Plus

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Attention all Rose Lovers,

 Introducing ROSA FUNGI PLUS - Your Path to Thriving Crops!

🌱 Organic Fertilizer with Mixed Microorganisms 🌱

Key Features:

  • Organic Matter: 50%
  • Total Nitrogen (N): 8%
  • pH Level: 6
  • Origin of Organic Matter: 100% Legume Seeds
  • Free Amino Acids: L-Aspartic Acid, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Alanine, L-Lysine, and more


  • Total Mycorrhiza: 650 spores/tablet
  • Mycorrhiza Rhizoglomus Irregulare: 50 spores/g
  • Mycorrhiza Funneliformis Mosseae: 50 spores/g
  • Trichoderma Sp.: 1x10^7 CFU/g
  • Rhizosphere Bacteria (PGPR) Bacillus Megaterium: 2x10^7 UFC/g

🌿 Benefits:

  • Enhances the root system
  • Promotes balanced growth
  • Protects the roots
  • Stimulates plant vitality

ROSA FUNGI PLUS establishes a symbiotic relationship between these beneficial microorganisms and your plants' roots, resulting in a robust root system that supercharges water and nutrient absorption.

🌱 Perfect for the Best Crops 🌱


  • Mycorrhiza
  • Trichoderma
  • Bacillus

📌 How to Use: Simply apply one tablet per hole during planting.

🇪🇸 Proudly Made in Spain 🇪🇸

Elevate your crop yield with ROSA FUNGI PLUS! Experience the magic of organic farming with the power of beneficial microorganisms. Your plants deserve the best, and ROSA FUNGI PLUS delivers it straight from nature. Grow healthier, grow smarter – choose ROSA FUNGI PLUS for the best results.

💰 Pricing:

    • Single Tablet: Only SGD 1.00 each
    • Package of 50 Tablets: Just SGD 45.00
    • Package of 100 Tablets: A steal at SGD 90.00
    • Whole Pocket of 300 Tablets: The ultimate value at only SGD 250.00


🚚 Swift Delivery

  • Worried about waiting? Fret not! We offer next-day delivery via Qexpress at a nominal fee of SGD 4.50, so you can start pampering your roses right away.

💌 Ready to Transform Your Rose Garden?

  • If you're as passionate about your roses as we are, don't hesitate to send us a private message. We're here to make your gardening dreams come true.

Discover the secret to flourishing roses at prices that won't wilt your budget. Get your Rosa Fungi Plus tablets today and watch your garden bloom with affordable beauty! 🌹💐

Thanks for choosing our Rosa Fungi Plus : where simplicity, affordability, and unparalleled growth converge to elevate your rose garden into a realm of pure beauty.

Your roses will thank you! 🌹🌟


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