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Secret Garden

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The Secret Garden rose, bred by Petrus Nicolaas Johannes Schreurs, is a gorgeous hybrid tea rose that is commercially available and has been introduced in the Netherlands by Piet Schreurs Holding B.V. in before 2022. It is a mauve and lavender variety that displays large and expanded bloom forms, with a height of 20" to 28" (50 to 70cm). 

The Secret Garden rose is a perfect choice for cut flower use, as it has a strong and sturdy stem that enables it to be cut without wilting or losing its shape. This rose variety is also very resistant to disease and pests, making it a great choice for gardeners who are looking for a low maintenance rose to add to their garden. 

The beauty of the Secret Garden rose is undeniable, as its large and expanded blooms are absolutely breathtaking. Its mauve and lavender coloring is unique and captivating, and its petals are soft and velvety. It is a great choice for florists, as its full-bodied blooms can make any bouquet look absolutely stunning.

The Secret Garden Rose is a very hardy and disease resistant rose, making it ideal for gardeners who wish to grow roses in their gardens. It is also a very popular choice for landscape roses, as it is a low maintenance rose that has a strong and healthy growth habit. This rose is also ideal for hedges and borders, as it can be kept low and wide.

The Secret Garden Rose is also a great rose to give as a gift.

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