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Pot For Growing Rose

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 Square Rosa Garden Pot

• Origin: Vietnam
• Material: High mechanical strength Polypropylene plastic.

Classification and Application of Rosa Garden Pot:
The Rosa Garden pot comes in two main colors: white and deep blue-gray.

• White pots: Enhance the luxurious beauty of roses, adding a noble touch to your home.
• Deep blue-gray pots: Suitable for garden spaces, can hide dirt and dust from the soil.
The Rosa Garden pot’s color palette is suitable for the climate and rose growth color in tropical countries , easy to clean, and has very high color durability. Therefore, the Rosa Garden pot is popular among customers. It is favored for its elegant design, easy mobility, and suitability for placing in offices, balconies, terraces, corridors, garden areas, etc.

Product Details:

• 20 Liter plastic pot – Dimensions: 33x33x36cm.
• The square Rosa pot is luxurious and durable, specialized for growing roses and other ornamental plants.
• Made from high mechanical strength Polypropylene, used in products like water bottles, food storage containers, children’s toys, etc.
• The plastic material is safe and environmentally friendly.

Rewritten Product Description in English:

Elegant Square Rosa Garden Pot

• Crafted in Vietnam: This sophisticated square pot is designed with high-quality Polypropylene plastic, renowned for its robust mechanical durability.

Distinctive Features & Applications:

• Versatile Color Selection: Available in pristine white and deep blue-gray, each color accentuates different aesthetics. The white pot illuminates the luxurious appeal of roses, elevating the elegance of any space. Conversely, the deep blue-gray pot seamlessly blends into garden areas, concealing soil stains and dust with ease.
• Climate-Compatible Color Palette: Specifically chosen to complement the Vietnamese climate and the natural hues of rose growth, the Rosa Garden pot is a blend of functionality and style. Its exceptional color retention and ease of cleaning make it a favored choice for garden enthusiasts.

Product Specifications:

• Size & Capacity: Offers a generous 20 Liters volume with dimensions of 33x33x36 cm, perfect for cultivating roses and a variety of ornamental plants.
• Luxury & Durability: Exemplifying elegance, this square pot is tailored for the sophisticated cultivation of roses, amidst other ornamental greens.The pot can last up to 5 years with outdoor environment.
• Eco-friendly Material: Made from environmentally friendly Polypropylene, akin to materials used for water bottles, food containers, and children’s toys, ensuring safety and sustainability.

Elevate your gardening experience with the Rosa Garden pot, where luxury meets functionality, perfect for enhancing offices, balconies, terraces, and garden settings with its movable and stylish design.


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