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Aube Rose

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🌹 Introducing Aube: The Hottest Rose Trend!

Aube, the magnificent rose bred by Takunori Kimura of Japan, has become a global sensation. Its captivating beauty and limited supply make it highly sought-after among rose enthusiasts. Don't miss your chance to own this exquisite rose as it's quickly running out of stock due to overwhelming demand! Aube showcases a breathtaking combination of colors, with pink petals and an apricot center, complemented by delicate shading and cream blending. Its strong, damask, myrrh fragrance delights the senses, while the large, full blooms and arching growth add to its allure. With its exceptional pedigree and disappearing availability, Aube is the rose that is taking the world by storm. Secure this hot trend for your garden and indulge in luxury and sophistication.

  • Type

    Hybrid Tea

  • Fragrance

    Strong Fragrance

  • Blooms Size

    Extra Large >7cm

  • Color


  • Growing Condition

    Partial Sunlight and Full Sunlight

  • Origin


  • Suitable For Singapore Climate

    Easy to grow

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