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Introducing Chiffon Rose – Elegance in Bloom!

Discover the enchanting beauty of Chiffon, a rose that captivates with its delightful pale pink hue and generously sized, delicately fragrant blooms. Each flower, boasting an impressive 10cm in size, showcases a soft pink color and emits a subtle, inviting fragrance. Chiffon is a masterpiece from Vip Roses, a highly acclaimed variety that has taken the international rose market by storm.

What sets Chiffon apart is not just its color and fragrance but the sturdy petals and the gradual unfolding of blooms, creating a truly unique and mesmerizing appearance. This rose, reminiscent of the smooth texture of silk, adds a touch of sophistication to any garden or floral arrangement.

With its large flower form, elegant coloration, and remarkable durability, Chiffon is a versatile beauty. Whether you choose to cut and place it in a vase to adorn your indoor spaces or cultivate a bushy landscape for a charming outdoor display, Chiffon promises to be the focal point of elegance and grace.

Exclusive Offer:

There is an available potted Chiffon rose plant as attached in the last photo, offered at the special price of SGD 88.00. For your convenience, top up SGD 15.00 for delivery, and this beautiful rose will be delivered to your doorstep. Don't miss this chance to own the Chiffon Potted Rose Plant All-in. Chiffon is grown in special mixed potting soil for roses and has been meticulously cared for by our rose experts. You won't need to repot it within 4-6 months after receiving it.

Indulge in the timeless allure of Chiffon Rose – where beauty and fragrance meet in perfect harmony. Elevate your rose collection with this exquisite rose from Vip Roses, making a statement of style and sophistication.

  • Type

    Hybrid Tea

  • Fragrance

    Moderate Fragrance

  • Blooms Size

    Extra Large >7cm

  • Color

    Light Pink and White

  • Growing Condition

    Full Sunlight

  • Origin


  • Suitable For Singapore Climate

    Easy to grow

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