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Elizabeth ( AUSmajesty)

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Elegance in Bloom: The Elizabeth English Shrub Rose by David Austin

Introducing the Elizabeth (AUSmajesty), an English Shrub Rose meticulously bred by the revered David Austin. This rose is a tribute to elegance and grandeur, inspired by and named in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth was proudly introduced to the United Kingdom by David Austin Roses Limited in 2022, marking a regal addition to their esteemed collection.

Appearance and Fragrance
Elizabeth blooms with a breathtaking display of generous, blossom-like blooms that form clusters of plush, flat rosettes. These exquisite flowers commence in a vibrant apple blossom pink and gracefully transition to the softest blush as they mature. Each petal, numbering over 41, contributes to a very full bloom that captivates all who behold it. The rose’s fragrance is equally majestic, exuding a strong, sweet aroma with an enchanting mix of lemon sherbert and Old Rose notes, making it a sensory delight.

Growth and Blooming
As a shrub rose, Elizabeth exhibits robust health and vitality, blooming in flushes throughout the growing season. This rose not only boasts outstanding flowering capabilities but also shines as a paragon of health and fragrance. Its enduring and continuous blooms are a testament to the timeless character and legacy of its namesake, mirroring the continuity and presence of Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

Cultural Significance
The naming of this rose carries special significance, as it was done with the approval of the Royal Household. Elizabeth joins a noble lineage of royalty-inspired varieties, each chosen to reflect the virtues of their royal namesakes. This rose is a celebration of generosity, grace, and the distinguished life of Queen Elizabeth II, embodying the spirit of royalty in every aspect.

Overall Rating and Recommendations
Rated as EXCELLENT-, Elizabeth is highly recommended for gardeners and rose enthusiasts who seek a plant that is not only stunning in its beauty but also exceptional in health and fragrance. Ideal for creating visually striking and aromatic garden displays, this rose will bring a touch of royal elegance to any setting.

Whether planted in solitude or as part of a mixed border, the Elizabeth rose is a distinguished choice that will enchant and inspire for seasons to come.

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