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Letoile ( Retowaru)

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Introducing L'Etoile, a radiant rose variety also known by the enchanting name Retowaru, cultivated by the skilled hands of Hiroshi Ogawa in Japan before 2012. This exquisite shrub promises to transform your garden into a haven of elegance and beauty.

With its distinctive salmon-pink hue and delicately layered petals, L'Etoile showcases a mesmerizing bloom that reveals a perfect balance of grace and charm. The outer petals, a soft and inviting pink, cradle the heart of the flower, creating a captivating display. The medium-sized, very double blossoms exhibit a cupped form, adding a touch of classic allure to your garden.

L'Etoile is not merely a fleeting beauty; it graces your garden with flushes of blooms throughout the season. Its prolific flowering nature ensures a continuous spectacle of color and fragrance, making it a focal point that evolves with the changing tapestry of the seasons.

Standing proudly at a height of up to 4 feet (120 cm), this shrub is perfectly suited for various garden settings, whether in flower beds, borders, or as a standalone masterpiece. Its compact size allows for versatile placement, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Bring a touch of Japanese artistry and horticultural expertise to your garden with L'Etoile, a rose that embodies the passion and craftsmanship of Hiroshi Ogawa. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of this medium-sized marvel, and let L'Etoile or Retowaru become the star of your floral sanctuary.


What's in the package:

  • 1 x Mature Rose Plant (1-2 years old): This beautiful rose plant is already mature, ensuring it blooms repeatedly for your enjoyment.
  • 1-Month Warranty: We offer you peace of mind with a 1-month warranty. If your plant doesn't blossom as expected, we'll provide a free replacement.
  • Easy Planting: Our package includes a specially formulated potting mixture enriched with fertiliser. This ensures a successful start for your rose plant, promoting healthy growth and blossoms lasting 1-2 months.
  • Stress-Free Purchase: Your satisfaction is our priority. You can complete your payment through PayNow only after receiving the item and confirming your satisfaction. We believe in providing a worry-free shopping experience.

Dedicated Support from SG Rose Corner At SG Rose Corner, we're more than just rose sellers – we're your partners in gardening success!  Our dedicated team closely monitors your rose's health and development, ready to assist with any questions or challenges you may encounter. Feel free to reach out, and we'll provide the guidance you need for your rose to flourish.

A Rose and a Partnership With a rose from SG Rose Corner, you're not just acquiring a beautiful plant; you're gaining a partner in your gardening endeavor.  We are committed to your satisfaction and the success of your roses, ensuring that your rose-growing experience is filled with joy and fulfillment. Welcome to the world of roses, where beauty and support come together to make your garden truly extraordinary. 

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      No Fragrance

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      Large 5-7cm

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      Full Sunlight

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      Easy to grow

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