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Pope John Paul II

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Introducing the Majestic Pope John Paul II Rose™️ - An Epitome of Elegance and Fragrance! 

Average Rating: EXCELLENT 

Behold the beauty of the Pope John Paul II Rose, a stunning addition to the Ultimate Rose™ Collection! With its white or near-white blend Hybrid Tea blossoms, this rose is a true masterpiece bred by the renowned Dr. Keith W. Zary in the United States before 2004.

Exhibition Name: Pope John Paul II™️
Registration Name: JACsegra
Introduced by: Jackson & Perkins Co. (US) in 2006, Matthews Nurseries Ltd. (NZ) in 2012

Key Features:

  • Color: White, exuding pure elegance.
  • Fragrance: Immerse yourself in the strong, citrusy aroma - one of the most fragrant roses of all time!
  • Petals: Luxuriously abundant with 45 to 50 petals.
  • Bloom Form: Very large, very full (41+ petals), mostly solitary.
  • Blooming Season: Blooms in flushes throughout the season.
  • Bud Form: Pointed, ovoid buds.

🌿 Plant Characteristics:

  • Foliage: Medium, glossy, dark green leaves with 5 to 7 leaflets.
  • Height: Towering at 4' to 5' (120 to 150cm), a true centerpiece for your garden.
  • Series: Proud member of the Ultimate Rose™ Collection.

Ideal Conditions:

  • Zone: USDA 6b through 9b.
  • Care: Low-maintenance and very disease resistant.
  • Usage: Perfect for cut flower arrangements or as a garden centerpiece.
  • Sunlight: Flourishes in full sun.

Vigorous Growth:

  • Thrives in various climates.
  • Recommends spring pruning for optimal performance.
  • In warmer climates, a simple trim of one-third is advised, while colder regions might benefit from a bit more pruning.

Versatile Beauty: The Pope John Paul II Rose™️ is not just a feast for the eyes but a treat for the senses. Its unparalleled fragrance, combined with its resilient nature, makes it an excellent choice for both seasoned gardeners and those just starting their floral journey.

Bring Timeless Elegance to Your Garden! Enhance your outdoor space with the regal Pope John Paul II Rose™️. 

Don't miss the chance to add this exquisite rose to your garden. Send me a message to inquire or place your order!

Privilege at SG Rose Corner:

When you acquire a rose plant from SG Rose Corner, you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and support that will enhance your gardening experience. We understand that your journey with this exquisite rose variety is important, and we're here to ensure your success.

Planting and Care Instructions for Life:

Upon purchase, you'll receive comprehensive instructions on how to plant and care for your rose. These instructions are designed to guide you through every stage of your rose's life, from planting to ongoing maintenance. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our clear and detailed guidelines will be your trusted companion throughout your rose's life.

1-Month Warranty:

We stand behind the quality of our roses. Your rose is warranted for one month from the date it arrives at its new home. This warranty provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your rose will be in optimal health and condition when it arrives, and any unexpected issues during the first month will be addressed with care and urgency.

  • Type

    Hybrid Tea

  • Fragrance

    Strong Fragrance

  • Blooms Size

    Extra Large >7cm

  • Color


  • Growing Condition

    Full Sunlight

  • Origin


  • Suitable For Singapore Climate

    Easy to grow

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