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Retro Love

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Introducing "Retro Love: Classical Love" Rose - A Timeless Elegance from Schreurs in the Netherlands

Brought to you by Vine Rose Network, "Retro Love: Classical Love" is an exquisite cut flower variety that captivates flower enthusiasts with its timeless beauty and enduring charm. This rose is not just a bloom; it's a statement, seamlessly blending the classical allure of English garden roses with a touch of vintage sophistication.

With an average height of 80-90 cm and a generous flower diameter ranging from 8-10 cm, "Classical Love" stands out as a symbol of enduring grace. Boasting 60-80 dense double petals in a mesmerizing pink-purple hue, the outer petals delicately transition to white, creating a rosette-shaped flower that exudes elegance and delicacy.

This rose epitomizes the prevailing trends in home décor, effortlessly complementing styles such as country house, shabby chic, vintage, and retro. "Classical Love" is more than a flower; it's a timeless accessory that adds a touch of vintage charm to any setting.

What sets "Classical Love" apart is not just its aesthetic appeal but also its robust nature. This rose is renowned for its resilience against harsh conditions, demonstrating exceptional cold and drought resistance. Whether basking under the scorching summer sun or enduring continuous autumn rain, "Classical Love" maintains its vibrant colors and robust growth, ensuring a consistent display of beauty.

Moreover, the subtle and enchanting aroma of "Classical Love" adds an olfactory dimension to its visual allure, creating a truly sensorial experience. The flowering period of 7 to 10 days transforms any space into a sea of colorful blooms, making "Classical Love" the perfect choice for those who appreciate enduring beauty.

In summary, "Retro Love: Classical Love" is not just a rose; it's a testament to the timeless beauty of vintage aesthetics. Elevate your floral arrangements and bring a touch of classical elegance to your space with this exceptional rose from Schreurs.

It blooms in flushes throughout the season, so you can enjoy its beauty for longer.

And did we mention that it can also be used as a cut flower? So you can bring a little bit of Retro Love's charm into your home.

So why not add a little romance to your garden with the Retro Love rose? It's sure to be a hit, just like the 70's hit record by Retro Love that inspired its name! 

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