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The Godmother

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Certainly! Here's a product description for the rose named "The Godmother":


**The Godmother Rose**

If there's a Godfather, there must be a Godmother, yet this particular rose defies all expectations. The Godmother's blooms are reminiscent of bok choy, making it a truly unique variety of rose that transitions from bud to full bloom with an unusual yet captivating resemblance to the vegetable. The petals of The Godmother feature a creamy gradient that shifts from cream to white and finally to green at the edges, lending a refreshing and down-to-earth vibe to the entire blossom. In full bloom, this rose is utterly charming, with petals continuously unfurling from the core and the outward-curled green edges adding a distinctive touch. The Godmother is not just a flower; it's a delightful twist on the traditional, perfect for those who appreciate the unexpected in their garden.


  • Type

    Hybrid Tea

  • Fragrance

    Mild Fragrance

  • Blooms Size

  • Color


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  • Suitable For Singapore Climate

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