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The Prince

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Introducing "The Prince" Rose - A Royal Elegance in Every Garden!

🌹 Average Rating: EXCELLENT-

🌹 Dark Red Shrub

🌹 Registration Name: AUSvelvet

🌹 Bred by David C. H. Austin (1926-2018) in the United Kingdom, 1990

🌹 Shrub (Series: English Rose Collection)

🌹 Dark Red Color with an Old Rose Fragrance

🌹 Average Diameter: 3 Inches

🌹 Double Bloom Form with 17-25 Petals

🌹 Blooms in Flushes Throughout the Season

🌹 Height: 30" to 4' (75 to 120cm)

🌹 Width: 2' to 4' (60 to 120cm)

🌹 USDA Zone 5b through 10b

🌹 Parents: Lilian Austin × The Squire ®

Behold, "The Prince" - a captivating dark red shrub rose that redefines elegance in your garden. Its name is synonymous with excellence, and it's no wonder, given its outstanding qualities.

🌹 Regal Radiance: "The Prince" boasts a dark red hue that exudes a regal charm. This rose is the epitome of sophistication.

🌹 Timeless Fragrance: Immerse yourself in the alluring scent of this rose. Its fragrance is a blend of classic old rose notes, as enchanting as the tales of a royal court.

🌹 Blossoms Aplenty: With an average diameter of 3 inches and a double bloom form consisting of 17-25 petals, "The Prince" blooms generously throughout the season. Each petal is a work of art.

🌹 Year-Round Beauty: Unlike fleeting royalty, this rose reigns supreme all year round. Its diligent flowering ensures your garden is forever adorned with its breathtaking beauty.

🌹 Resilience Unveiled: "The Prince" isn't just a pretty face. It's a hardy shrub rose with good disease resistance, ensuring it maintains its majestic allure.

Order now from SG Rose Corner, and be treated like royalty! Receive a medium-sized own root rose plant, nurtured with special potting soilless to prevent root rot—perfect for beginners and seasoned rose enthusiasts alike.

But that's not all! Pre-order today to receive a gift combo fit for a king or queen. You'll get a 2-liter bottle of water fertilizer solution specially designed for roses, and a bottle of medicine to keep thrips, spider mites, mealybugs, and wax scales at bay—an added value of $20.00!

Transform your garden into a kingdom of beauty with "The Prince" Rose. Order now and embrace the royal allure of this exceptional rose variety! 🌹👑

  • Type


  • Fragrance

    Strong Fragrance

  • Blooms Size

    Large 5-7cm

  • Color

  • Growing Condition

  • Origin

    United Kingdom

  • Suitable For Singapore Climate

    Easy to grow

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